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The Glitch, The Algorithm, and The Future of TikTok

TikTok, the addictive platform that brought us bite-sized videos, seems to be undergoing a transformation. But is it really a glitch, or is TikTok strategically steering its course towards a new future? Let’s dissect the current buzz and explore the potential shifts in the algorithm, the emergence of long-form content, and TikTok’s grand vision.

Understanding the TikTok Evolution

The Current Landscape

Is there truly a glitch in the matrix, or are we witnessing a calculated move by TikTok? Business magazines are buzzing with opinions, but let’s dig deeper into the platform’s recent moves.

From 20-Seconds to Dollar Signs

TikTok’s agenda goes beyond the viral dance challenges. The shift towards long-form content suggests a strategy reminiscent of Amazon’s success. Unraveling the creativity beta and the new Series option unveils a grand plan to monetize and engage users with lengthier videos.

Monetization Magic

Why are creators now encouraged to produce content that’s longer than the typical 15-second snippets? The answer lies in the revenue game. Longer content equals more ad revenue or potential premium subscriptions. It’s a move away from Vine’s short-lived success and a leap towards sustained profitability.

Commerce and Content Convergence

Ever wondered why there’s a sudden surge in commerce-focused live streams or peculiar content choices? It’s not accidental but a calculated move to line TikTok’s pockets. As the platform grooms users to open their wallets, creators become vehicles for revenue, even if it means donning wigs or acting like fembots.

Navigating the Business Terrain

Aging Audience and Platform Evolution

Remember the evolution of Facebook and Instagram? TikTok is not exempt. The platform needs to evolve with its audience. While it may become the next hub for long-form content, it also risks becoming a place where older generations linger, leaving the younger audience seeking newer, trendier platforms.

It’s Not a Glitch, It’s Business

Let’s dispel the notion of a glitch. TikTok, a colossal business, isn’t susceptible to mere coding errors. It’s a deliberate change in the rules. If you’re not contributing to TikTok’s bottom line, don’t expect preferential treatment on the FYP page.

Counterarguments and Skepticism

Attention Span Conundrum

Can TikTok successfully pivot to long-form content without losing its audience? The platform has, single-handedly, shaped the attention spans of millions. Removing the short-form format might alienate users rather than draw them into longer content.

Transparency and Trust

Shifting focus without transparency, throttling views, and pushing monetization strategies covertly raises questions about TikTok’s integrity. Would users migrate to YouTube, a more trusted platform, if TikTok continues down this path?

Creators’ Dilemma

Creators, the lifeblood of TikTok, find themselves in a predicament. The algorithm changes frequently, leaving them in the dark about what works. Is TikTok’s treatment of its creators pushing them towards other platforms?

The Tech Perspective: Glitch or Routine Update?

Tech Realities

Tech experts weigh in on the debate. Glitches are commonplace in the digital realm. Updates can break functionality unexpectedly, and TikTok is no exception. The recent view glitch, while frustrating, is not unprecedented.

TikTok’s Response

TikTok acknowledges the glitch and pushes updates to rectify the issue. Larger creators affected by the glitch find their views returning to normal post-update. Yet, the question remains: glitch or strategic move?

Diversification for Creators

A tech-savvy marketer advises against relying solely on TikTok for income. Diversifying across platforms and even creating a personal website emerges as a sound strategy.


In the evolving landscape of TikTok, one thing is clear – it’s not just a glitch. The platform is engineering a shift towards profitability, with long-form content and commerce at the forefront. Whether creators embrace the change or seek alternatives, TikTok’s trajectory indicates a deliberate strategy rather than a simple coding error.


  1. Is TikTok’s shift to long-form content a glitch or intentional?
    • It’s intentional. TikTok is strategically moving towards longer content for increased revenue.
  2. Will short-form content disappear on TikTok?
    • Unlikely. Short-form content is integral to TikTok’s success, despite the push towards longer videos.
  3. How can creators adapt to TikTok’s changes?
    • Diversify across platforms and consider having a personal website for sustained income.
  4. Are glitches common in big tech companies like TikTok?
    • Yes, glitches are routine in tech. Updates can unexpectedly impact functionality, as seen with TikTok’s recent view glitch.
  5. Should creators trust TikTok’s long-term vision?
    • The debate is ongoing. Some see a strategic plan, while others view it as a questionable shift without transparency.
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