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AliExpress “Confirm Delivery” and “Track Order” buttons missing on Orders

Have you recently made a purchase on AliExpress and found yourself puzzled by the absence of the familiar “Confirm Delivery” and “Track Order” buttons? Well, you’re not alone. Let’s unravel the mystery and guide you through the steps to navigate this common situation.

1. Introduction

1.1 What are “Confirm Delivery” and “Track Order” buttons?

AliExpress, like many e-commerce platforms, provides users with essential features to track their orders and confirm the receipt of items.

1.2 Importance of tracking orders on AliExpress

Understanding the delivery process is crucial for a seamless shopping experience, ensuring you receive your items on time.

2. Missing Buttons Dilemma

2.1 Personal experience with missing buttons

It’s frustrating, right? I recently encountered the same issue after ordering from my cart, and I couldn’t help but wonder why those buttons disappeared.

2.2 Similarities on different devices

Whether on your computer or smartphone, the issue persists. The buttons remain elusive, leaving you in the dark about your order’s progress.

3. Understanding Order Status

3.1 Decoding “To Ship” status

Upon closer inspection, I noticed my order status stating “To Ship.” This revelation explained the missing buttons – the order hadn’t been shipped yet.

3.2 Implications of prematurely confirming receipt

Have you accidentally hit “Confirm Receipt” prematurely? It happens. Don’t panic; your package is still on its way. However, there’s a catch – you only have a 15-day window to open disputes after confirming receipt.

3.3 The 15-day dispute window

To avoid potential issues, refrain from confirming receipt unless the package is safely in your hands. This ensures you can open a dispute if your order arrives late or not at all.

4. Tips to Avoid Confirming Receipt Early

4.1 Double-checking order details

Before confirming anything, double-check your order details. Ensure your items are marked as shipped before confirming receipt.

4.2 Patience is key: Waiting for shipping confirmation

If the buttons are still missing, exercise patience. Wait for the seller to dispatch the items, and the buttons should eventually appear in your order details.

4.3 The seller’s role in button availability

Sometimes, the delay in button appearance is on the seller’s end. Reach out to them for clarity on the shipping status.

5. Navigating Order Details

5.1 Accessing ‘Order Details’

To get more insights, navigate to the ‘Order Details’ section, usually found above the order summary.

5.2 Confirming shipment status from the details page

Here, you can confirm the shipment status and track your order without relying on the elusive buttons.

6. Unique Case: Choice Orders

6.1 The peculiar nature of choice orders

If you made a choice order, the buttons might take a bit longer to appear. Be patient; they’ll surface eventually.

6.2 Waiting for the buttons to appear

In such cases, waiting is key. The system is likely processing the complexity of your choice, and soon, you’ll have access to the tracking and confirmation options.

7. Troubleshooting the Missing Buttons

7.1 Common issues and solutions

Explore common issues, like browser compatibility or app glitches, and try troubleshooting them.

7.2 Contacting AliExpress support

When all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to AliExpress support. They can provide specific guidance tailored to your situation.

8. The Wait Game

8.1 Understanding shipping timelines

Shipping takes time, especially for international orders. Familiarize yourself with typical shipping timelines to manage expectations.

8.2 Tracking alternatives during the wait

While waiting for the buttons to appear, explore alternative tracking methods, such as using the tracking number provided by the seller.

9. Conclusion

In the world of online shopping, the occasional hiccup is inevitable. The missing “Confirm Delivery” and “Track Order” buttons on AliExpress might seem perplexing, but understanding the nuances of order processing can ease your worries. Patience, attention to detail, and proactive communication with sellers are your allies in navigating this situation.


Q1: What should I do if the “Confirm Delivery” and “Track Order” buttons are missing? A1: Double-check your order details, wait for shipping confirmation, and contact the seller if needed. If all else fails, reach out to AliExpress support.

Q2: Can I open a dispute if I accidentally confirmed receipt early?

A2: Yes, but you only have a 15-day window after confirming receipt to open a dispute. Be cautious and confirm only when you have received the package.

Q3: Why do choice orders take longer for the buttons to appear?

A3: Choice orders involve a more complex processing system. Be patient, and the buttons should appear as the system finalizes the details.

Q4: Are there alternative ways to track my order without the buttons?

A4: Yes, navigate to the ‘Order Details’ section to confirm shipment status. Additionally, use the tracking number provided by the seller.

Q5: How can I avoid confirming receipt early?

A5: Double-check your order details, and refrain from confirming receipt until you physically have the package in your hands.

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