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How to Fix YouTube Playlist Autoplay Bug

Imagine this: You’re cruising through your favorite music playlist on YouTube, enjoying one track after another, and suddenly, silence. The autoplay feature, the heartbeat of your music experience, has hit a snag. If you’ve found yourself in this digital silence, you’re not alone. Reddit is buzzing with frustrated users grappling with the perplexing YouTube playlist autoplay bug.

Bug Reports on Reddit

The virtual campfire of Reddit has become a hub for users sharing tales of woe. In this virtual echo chamber, users with varying setups, from the latest Chrome version with adblockers to Firefox with uBlock, unite in their struggle. It’s a perplexing situation – YouTube playlists grinding to a halt, defying the autoplay settings.

User Frustrations

The user experience is akin to a disrupted melody. The bug plays out a song gracefully, only to plunge into darkness, leaving users in a musical limbo. Imagine your favorite track abruptly cut off, and you’re left with the haunting sound of silence. It’s not just an inconvenience; it’s a disruption to the rhythm of daily life for those who rely on YouTube as their music haven.

Failed Solutions

The collective brainpower of the community has been hard at work, attempting a myriad of solutions. Uninstalling and reinstalling adblockers, toggling autoplay settings, switching browsers – all met with the same stubborn silence. Clearing caches and cookies feels like a digital exorcism, but the bug persists, unfazed by these attempts at exorcism.

UserScript Solution

Amidst the digital despair, a beacon of hope emerges. A user, facing the same predicament, takes matters into their own hands. They craft a UserScript, a virtual troubleshooter, and share it on Greasy Fork, OpenUserJS, and GitHub. A glimmer of hope for those tired of the silent void between songs.

Installation Process

For the brave souls ready to try the UserScript, the installation is a lifeline. Install userscript extensions like Tampermonkey or ViolentMonkey, click the provided link, and breathe life back into your playlists. It’s a small victory in the face of a seemingly invincible bug.

Positive User Feedback

The virtual remedy seems to work. Users share success stories, their playlists now flowing seamlessly from one track to the next. It’s a testament to the power of a united community and a reminder that sometimes, the best solutions come from within.

Comparison with Other Browsers

While Chrome users battle the bug, there’s a haven in Firefox with uBlock. The disparity in experiences raises questions about the bug’s origins. Is it a browser-specific hiccup, or does it run deeper, tangled in the web of YouTube’s intricate coding?

Importance of Playlists in Daily Life

For many, YouTube isn’t just a video-sharing platform; it’s the heartbeat of their daily music ritual. The disruption caused by the autoplay bug isn’t just technical; it resonates emotionally with users who’ve crafted their digital symphonies.

Technical Details of the Bug

Delving into the digital labyrinth, we explore the potential technical nuances causing this conundrum. Is it a glitch in the matrix of YouTube’s algorithms, or a subtle rebellion by the adblockers disrupting the harmony of the autoplay feature?

Community Collaboration

In the face of adversity, the community unites. Users share experiences, alternative fixes, and create a digital support network. It’s more than a bug; it’s a shared challenge, and together, the community becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Tips for Troubleshooting

Beyond the UserScript, there are additional tips for those still navigating the silence. From checking browser extensions to exploring alternative video platforms, the journey to musical normalcy involves a bit of exploration.

YouTube’s Response

Amidst the user uproar, we turn our attention to YouTube. Has the tech giant acknowledged the issue? Any official statements or updates? Understanding the stance of the platform is key to gauging the likelihood of a resolution.

Future Expectations

As we stand on the precipice of uncertainty, what does the future hold? Speculation on potential fixes and updates, a call to stay informed, and a reminder that in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, a resolution might be just around the corner.


In the silence between songs, a digital community thrives. The YouTube playlist autoplay bug is more than a technical glitch; it’s a shared experience. As users navigate the virtual landscape in search of a harmonious solution, the resilience of community collaboration shines through. In the face of silence, the community’s voice echoes loud.


  1. Q: Is the YouTube playlist autoplay bug affecting all users?
    • A: The bug seems to be impacting a significant number of users, with reports spanning different browsers and setups.
  2. Q: Are there alternative solutions besides the UserScript?
    • A: Users have shared various tips, including checking browser extensions and exploring alternative video platforms.
  3. Q: Has YouTube officially addressed the autoplay bug?
    • A: As of now, there is no clear official statement from YouTube regarding the bug.
  4. Q: Are there any reported issues with other YouTube features?
    • A: The bug appears to be primarily related to playlist autoplay, with no widespread reports of issues with other features.
  5. Q: How often does the UserScript get updated?
    • A: The frequency of updates depends on the creator, so users are encouraged to check the script’s repository for the latest versions.
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