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How to Fix YouTube’s Irrelevant Recommended Section

Hey fellow YouTubers! Ever found yourself frustrated with the avalanche of irrelevant, no-name videos flooding your recommended section? I get it. We all love discovering new content, but there’s a limit to randomness, right? Let’s dive into why this might be happening and, more importantly, how to fix it.

The Anomaly: Unwanted Recommendations

What’s Going On?

So, you’re not alone. Many of us are scratching our heads over this sudden influx of obscure videos. Let’s unpack why YouTube’s recommended section seems to have taken a detour.

Personalized vs. Random Recommendations

YouTube’s recommendation algorithm is like a digital genie. It used to know our wishes before we made them. Lately, though, it seems to have developed a mind of its own. Are personalized recommendations becoming a thing of the past?

The Untamed Algorithm

Is YouTube’s algorithm on a rebellious streak? We’ve all experienced its quirks, but is there a deeper issue causing the once well-behaved algorithm to act out?

Battling the Onslaught: Practical Solutions

Not Interested – The Broken Button?

The ‘Not Interested’ button used to be our knight in shining armor, banishing unwanted content with a single click. But now, it feels like a rusty sword against a dragon. Is it still effective, or have its powers waned?

Training the Algorithm – Can We Still Do It?

Remember the good old days when watching and not watching determined your YouTube fate? Is there a way to retrain the algorithm and bring back the golden age of personalized recommendations?


In the ever-evolving landscape of online content, we must adapt and find ways to reclaim our YouTube experience. The battle against irrelevant recommendations is real, but armed with knowledge and a few tricks, victory is within reach.


Why is YouTube recommending irrelevant videos?

The algorithm might be going rogue, but fear not—we’ve got strategies to tame the beast.

Is clearing watch history a guaranteed fix?

It’s a powerful move, but the algorithm is complex. We’ll guide you through the steps and potential outcomes.

Can I still train the algorithm to understand my preferences?

Absolutely! We’ll share tips on how to make YouTube understand you better.

Are others facing the same issue?

You’re not alone. We’ll explore the community’s experiences and battles against irrelevant recommendations.

Has YouTube acknowledged the problem?

We’ll investigate whether the platform is aware of the chaos in its recommended sections and if changes are on the horizon.

Fixing your YouTube recommended section might be a journey, but together, we’ll navigate the algorithmic sea and reclaim our personalized content haven. Happy watching!

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