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TikTok Views: Understanding the Algorithm Changes Since November

In recent months, TikTok users have been facing a perplexing challenge – a sudden drop in views. Despite maintaining consistent analytics, the platform seems to have altered the rules of the game. This article delves into the mysterious world of TikTok’s algorithm and explores the factors influencing view counts.

Understanding TikTok’s Algorithm

The Algorithm’s Power Play

TikTok’s algorithm holds the reins when it comes to pushing videos to the forefront. However, the real conundrum lies in the algorithm’s tendency to alter its preferences, affecting content visibility.

Insights from Analytics

Analyzing the analytics from different months reveals a significant shift in how the algorithm operates. A closer look at February and April comparisons highlights the subtle changes that impact view counts.

Human Intervention in the Algorithm

Behind the scenes, TikTok’s staff plays a pivotal role in manipulating the algorithm. A revelation by a TikTok employee emphasizes their ability to tweak the algorithm, influencing the prominence of specific content.

Algorithm’s Preference for Longer, Original Content

TikTok’s algorithm, shaped by both code and human decision-making, now leans towards favoring longer videos with original content. Understanding this shift is crucial for creators striving to maintain visibility on the platform.

Personal Experiences: The View Count Plunge

Decreasing Minimum View Standards

Many creators, including myself, have witnessed a drastic reduction in the minimum view standards. What once required 10k views per video has now dwindled to 5k-6k, leaving creators puzzled and frustrated.

Inconsistencies in View Performance

While occasional viral hits still occur, the overall inconsistency in view counts leaves creators perplexed. The algorithm’s unpredictability challenges creators to adapt and stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

Employee-Infused Algorithm Manipulation

Acknowledging that TikTok’s algorithm is not an autonomous force but influenced by human decisions, it’s evident that employees shape content visibility based on their preferences, impacting diverse niches.

Adapting to the Evolution of Trends

The very nature of social media platforms dictates that trends evolve. Creators must understand the transient nature of content popularity and learn to adapt to the ever-changing preferences of the audience.

Navigating the Algorithmic Waves: A User’s Perspective

Accepting the Dynamics of Social Media

TikTok, as a social media app, undergoes continuous transformations. What was trending weeks ago might lose its charm today. Creators must accept the ebb and flow of trends.

The Misconception of Consistency

A common misconception among creators is that replicating the same content guarantees perpetual virality. The reality is, audience preferences shift, demanding creators to evolve and diversify their content.

Adapting to Stay Relevant

Staying relevant in the dynamic landscape of TikTok involves continuous adaptation. Creators who learn to pivot their content strategies in response to evolving trends are more likely to maintain visibility.

Gratitude for Decent Monthly Views

Despite challenges, it’s essential to appreciate the still-decent monthly views. The longevity of trending content is inherently limited, and creators should focus on consistent efforts rather than being fixated on past glory.


Navigating TikTok’s algorithmic intricacies requires a blend of understanding analytics, adapting to trends, and acknowledging the dynamic nature of social media. While challenges persist, creators can thrive by staying nimble, embracing change, and appreciating the journey.


  1. Q: Why did my minimum views drop suddenly on TikTok? A: TikTok’s algorithm, influenced by both code and human decisions, may undergo shifts in preferences, impacting view counts.
  2. Q: Is the algorithm solely responsible for view fluctuations? A: The algorithm, controlled by TikTok employees, plays a significant role. Human intervention can tweak the algorithm to favor specific content.
  3. Q: How can creators adapt to TikTok’s evolving trends? A: Creators should stay abreast of trends, diversify content, and be open to adaptation to remain relevant on the platform.
  4. Q: Why do some videos still go viral while others struggle for views? A: The algorithm’s unpredictability results in occasional viral hits, but overall view counts may fluctuate due to evolving audience preferences.
  5. Q: Should creators worry about decreasing view standards? A: While it’s natural to be concerned, creators should focus on consistent efforts and adaptability rather than fixating on past view standards.
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