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Changing Twitch Viewers Dropdown: High to Low instead of Recommended for you

Twitch’s peculiar default setting for the “Viewers” drop-down menu has been a source of frustration for many users. The default, “Recommended for you,” seems counterintuitive to those who prefer sorting streams from high to low viewership. In this guide, we’ll explore why Twitch made this decision and how users can regain control over their viewing preferences.

Understanding the Default Setting

1. Smaller Streamer Concerns

Twitch’s decision to default to “Recommended for you” was driven by complaints from smaller streamers. Sorting streams by viewer count by default was considered unfair and detrimental to discoverability on the platform. “Recommended for you” (RFY) emerged as Twitch’s solution, attempting to showcase streams similar to those the user already watches, irrespective of viewer count.

Changing the Default Setting

2. User Customization

Users have the ability to revert to the high-to-low viewer count sorting if they prefer. However, it’s unclear whether this setting persists or needs adjustment each time. The process involves navigating to the chat settings and selecting the ‘viewers high to low’ option.

3. Personal Preferences

Some users, like myself, enjoy the high-to-low viewer count during chats but prefer the recommended channels when browsing games or checking the front page. This dual preference reflects the nuanced approach viewers have towards content discovery on Twitch.

Making Sense of Recommendations

4. Algorithmic Logic

The “Recommended for you” algorithm aims to suggest channels based on your viewing history. While it might seem counterproductive initially, the logic behind it is to propose channels that align with your interests rather than focusing solely on viewer count.

5. Quality Over Quantity

Choosing to watch channels with a smaller viewer count but engaging content aligns with the algorithm’s intention. Many users find satisfaction in discovering hidden gems rather than being swayed by sheer numbers.

Navigating the Twitch Landscape

6. Browsing by Game Category

When searching for specific content within a game category, the default setting may not align with your preferences. Adjusting the sorting option based on the context of your search enhances the overall Twitch experience.

7. Front Page Exploration

Exploring Twitch’s front page can be a mix of discovering new content and revisiting familiar favorites. Tailoring your viewing experience involves understanding when to prioritize viewer count and when to rely on recommendations.

Challenges in Content Exploration

8. Tough Choices

Acknowledging the challenges faced by streamers, especially those with high-quality content in a competitive environment, adds depth to the decision-making process for viewers. It’s a balance between loyalty to known creators and the excitement of discovering something new.

9. The Twitch Dilemma

While the default setting might not cater to everyone’s preference, it highlights the ongoing struggle on Twitch—balancing the interests of both viewers and creators. The platform evolves to address concerns but often sparks debates like this one.


In the dynamic world of Twitch, the choice between “High to Low” and “Recommended for you” reflects the diverse preferences of its user base. Navigating these options is about finding a balance that enhances your viewing experience. Whether loyal to established creators or eager to explore new content, Twitch’s customization options empower users to tailor their journey on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I permanently set my Twitch view to ‘High to Low’ without resetting it each time?

The persistence of this setting remains uncertain, and users may need to check their preferences periodically.

2. Why did Twitch prioritize ‘Recommended for you’ over ‘High to Low’ by default?

Twitch aimed to address concerns from smaller streamers about fair discoverability, attempting to balance the playing field.

3. Can I enjoy both ‘High to Low’ and ‘Recommended for you’ settings simultaneously?

Yes, many users prefer a dual approach, using ‘High to Low’ during chats and ‘Recommended for you’ when browsing by game category or on the front page.

4. How does the ‘Recommended for you’ algorithm work?

The algorithm analyzes your viewing history to suggest channels similar to your preferences, irrespective of viewer count.

5. What challenges do smaller streamers face with the ‘High to Low’ default setting?

Smaller streamers argued that the default setting overshadowed their content, hindering their chances of being discovered in the vast Twitch landscape.

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