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How to Fix YouTube Liked Music Playlist Playing Non-Liked Songs

YouTube Music’s Liked Music playlist is a sanctuary for the tunes we cherish. But what if it starts playing songs you haven’t liked, causing frustration and perplexity? In this guide, we’ll unravel the mystery and guide you through fixing this annoyance.

Understanding the Issue

The Liked Music Playlist Predicament

YouTube Music claims to showcase only your liked tunes, but users report otherwise. Unwanted songs infiltrate the Liked Music playlist, leaving users baffled and annoyed.

The Frustration Factor

Songs that don’t align with your taste disrupt the musical experience, especially inconvenient when driving. The playlist’s reliability is questioned, and concerns about data usage arise.

Investigating the Quandary

Check Autoplay Settings

Scrolling to the bottom of your queue reveals if Autoplay is enabled. A simple toggle might be the solution to your playlist’s erratic behavior.

Customer Support Conundrum

Users resort to reaching out to customer support, only to receive comical and unhelpful responses. A user shares an amusing encounter with Google Support, highlighting the absurdity of the situation.

Resolving the Liked Music Playlist Glitch

The Dislike-and-Refresh Technique

Customer support suggests disliking a song and refreshing the playlist. Users express skepticism, indicating the lack of faith in this method.

Endless Feedback Loop

Frustrated users resort to leaving daily feedback, but the issue persists. The effectiveness of customer feedback is questioned, and users express doubt about a fix by 2024.

User Strategies and Experiences

The Manual Cleanup

Users share their experiences of manually liking non-liked songs to gain control over the playlist. The tedious process provides a temporary solution.

Algorithmic Puzzles

Speculations about the algorithm’s intentions arise. Is it suggesting similar music, or is it a bug in displaying thumbs up? Users share their perplexity over the algorithmic unpredictability.

The Unwanted Remix Feature

Users uncover a potential “feature” replacing user-made playlist songs with official versions. The unintended consequences cause distress among users.

Taking Control of Your Liked Music Playlist

The Full-Like Approach

One user adopts the strategy of liking every non-liked song, allowing for the flexibility to unlike them when they appear in the playlist. A manual workaround to maintain control.

The Song History Revelation

Users discover the extent of the issue, realizing that even songs from the depths of their Liked Music playlist are not spared from the anomaly.


In the quest to fix the Liked Music playlist’s erratic behavior, users resort to various strategies, from tinkering with Autoplay settings to leaving relentless feedback. The frustration lingers, and a permanent fix remains elusive.


  1. Q: Is there a guaranteed fix for the Liked Music playlist issue? A: Unfortunately, there’s no foolproof solution yet. Users employ different strategies, but the problem persists.
  2. Q: How can I prevent non-liked songs from playing in my Liked Music playlist? A: Some users resort to manually liking every non-liked song as a workaround, but it’s a temporary solution.
  3. Q: Does customer support provide effective solutions? A: Users share humorous encounters with customer support, indicating a lack of practical solutions.
  4. Q: Why does the Liked Music playlist anomaly persist despite user feedback? A: Despite consistent feedback, users express skepticism about the effectiveness of the feedback loop.
  5. Q: Are there any upcoming updates to fix the Liked Music playlist issue? A: Users remain hopeful for a fix in 2024, but uncertainty prevails regarding when the problem will be resolved.
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