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How to Fix Youtube Music is not playing playlist songs in order

Picture this: you, a devoted Youtube Music Premium subscriber, curated the perfect playlist to accompany your day, only to be thwarted by the relentless shuffle mode. Fear not, fellow audiophiles, for we embark on a journey to decipher the intricacies of Youtube Music’s playlist playback and unveil the solution to the vexing issue at hand.

The Discordance: An Unwanted Symphony of Shuffle

The Dilemma Unveiled

The predicament surfaces as Youtube Music, despite its premium allure, disrupts the harmonious sequence of personally crafted playlists. Users report playlists refusing to play in order, dancing to the unpredictable tune of the shuffle feature. A disconcerting experience, especially for those who seek the serenity of a curated musical narrative.

Platform Discrepancies

Our journey begins by dissecting the discordant notes across various platforms. Windows users, bearers of the Youtube Music app, find their playlists engaging in an unruly shuffle dance. Even the sacred grounds of the Youtube Music website fail to provide sanctuary, mirroring the chaotic symphony experienced on the desktop app.

Navigating the Melodic Maze: Unveiling Solutions

The Shuffle Toggle Enigma

The enigma lies in the shuffle toggle — a button that seems to defy its purpose. Hitting “shuffle” in Youtube Music merely stirs the playlist’s order, leaving users puzzled and discontent. But fret not, for there exists a subtle yet effective solution.

Unlocking Order on Regular Youtube

Surprisingly, regular Youtube presents its own set of challenges. Despite shuffle being unselected, tracks unceremoniously halt at the conclusion of each song. The fix? Alas, a manual endeavor awaits – selecting the next track and hitting play, a tedious ritual that disrupts the seamless flow promised by premium membership.

YT Music Library Odyssey

Venturing into the labyrinthine expanse of the Youtube Music library, we discover a peculiar trait. Hitting “play” on a playlist results in a random initiation, defying the very essence of ordered playback. A conundrum, indeed. However, a glimmer of hope emerges as we unveil the clandestine pathway to musical order.

Mastering the Musical Algorithm: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Bypassing Shuffle in Youtube Music

To counter the shuffle anomaly, avoid the generic “play” button on your playlist. Instead, delve into the playlist menu and select “play next.” By sidestepping the conventional route, you regain control over the musical sequence, eliminating the whims of the shuffle algorithm.

2. Regular Youtube: Manual Intervention

For those navigating the regular Youtube interface, where the shuffle toggle is but a decoy, a manual approach becomes imperative. As each track concludes, be prepared to intervene, selecting the subsequent song and pressing play. A manual endeavor, yes, but a necessary one to restore order to your melodic journey.

3. YT Music Library Revelation

When within the confines of the Youtube Music library, opt for precision. Rather than the generic “play” command, select “play next” in the playlist menu. This strategic maneuver ensures that the algorithm bows to your command, aligning the playlist in a harmonious order.

The Crescendo: A Resolved Harmony

In the grand symphony of Youtube Music, where shuffle once reigned as a dissonant force, we have unraveled the secrets to restoring melodic order. Through strategic maneuvers and a nuanced understanding of the platforms, you, dear reader, can now reclaim control over your playlist’s narrative.

As we conclude this melodic journey, let the echoes of your curated playlist play in seamless harmony, a testament to your mastery over the Youtube Music algorithm. May your musical odyssey be devoid of shuffle-induced discord, and may the algorithm bow to the orchestrated rhythm of your carefully crafted playlists.

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